I sympathize greatly with those with Sun-Chiron aspect, especially Sun conjunct Chiron. I have seen at least two people with Sun conjunct Chiron natally. The two that I have met don’t “shine”. They seemed hurt or injured. They don’t have good experiences with their father. Probably because their fathers were hurt.

Certainly, there are other interpretations. A person with Sun-Chiron could overcompensate by desiring to SHINE big time. Often times, people with Sun-Chiron aspect natally aren’t encouraged to express their individuality, creativity or just be themselves especially when they were young. Consequently, when they grow up, they either restrain themselves or they want to be somebody VIP and clamours for attention.

There are certainly many other manifestations. But that’s for another day.





A client said that she should have light conversations. I was mulling over her words when it struck me that she has a Mercury conjunct Saturn natally. That explains it! I have associated Mercury-Pluto or Pluto in the 3rd house as “heavy, intense” conversations. It has never occurred to me that Mercury-Saturn can refer to a tendency for heavy conversations too! Or maybe not heavy per se, but serious stuff.

Interpretating Charts

A reminder to self. Always take a holistic approach to chart interpretation. For example, Robbie has a Saturn return recently. Saturn conjuncts his MC and is his MC ruler. So, his future goals, public self and profession are in focus. There’s starting and ending involved. Hard work, boundaries and the crystallization of issues relating to his profession. Robbie described events that fit within the earlier description of Saturn return. Read More »

Predicting Physical Appearance

I received a text with a burning question. A-ha! I can use horary for that. I will be meeting the client some days later but am curious as to how she looks like. The Ascendant is in Leo. She’s well-built, tallish and a thick mop of hair. North node is in the 1st. So that expands the physical description in the previous sentence. The chart ruler is the Sun in Aquarius which conjuncts the south node tightly. Oh, she’s not well-built, tallish and having a massive mop of hair then. Just somewhat like that, especially since south node restricts and decreases. Read More »