Venus Conjunct Lunar Return 7th Transit

I’m looking at the lunar return. Venus is in the 6th and rules the 6th and intercepted 12th. When transiting Venus conjuncts the Descendant at 3.44pm, I can’t recall what happened during this time. Which makes sense I suppose as the Descendant involves the other person. Hmmm, could it be: a staff/employee having a different perspective from me, thereby being an ‘open enemy’? (and gossiping … Continue reading Venus Conjunct Lunar Return 7th Transit

Sun/Moon Midpoint

COSI states the following for this midpoint’s psychological correspondence: + A harmonious character, inner balance – Inner discontent, an unbalanced nature, the struggle between duty and interests or hobbies I wonder whether a natal ‘hard’ aspect between the Sun and the Moon are more likely to ‘result’ in the negative psychological correspondence? I’m just thinking, say we have a square between the Sun and Moon … Continue reading Sun/Moon Midpoint

Mercury=Sun/Moon Transit

The transit took place at 4.30pm on Sunday. I had been lazing away before then. Almost suddenly, I resolved to start doing some work. I continued to stay in bed and started inserting calendar events as reminders. And then, I did a flurry of writing for 3 hours, writing up learning points from astrology consultations and observations about my personal transits and other forecasting techniques. … Continue reading Mercury=Sun/Moon Transit

Venus = Sun/Moon Transit

The transit on the Sun/Moon midpoint took place at 6.03pm. I remembered I was having a delightful conversation with a volunteer at that time. We, if not I was certainly enjoying myself. We talked about her divorce and remarriage, and her friends. What des COSI say about this combination?? Harmonious coordination between spiritual and emotional as well as masculine and feminine dispositions, power of attraction … Continue reading Venus = Sun/Moon Transit

Predicting Death

When Saturn transited over a client’s Ascendant, I approached it from a psychological approach – new start in terms of the foundations of her life, etc involving her personal resources and thoughts. She pointed out to me that when Saturn first transited over her Ascendant, her husband passed away 4 days after that. Certainly, Saturn is the traditional significator of death but how could her … Continue reading Predicting Death