Thoughts of Poor Psychics

My personal thoughts may offend. Don’t proceed further if my crass thoughts triggers your sensitivity. I have often thought that if psychics can predict the future, why can’t they predict the lotto numbers or the direction of the stock markets, etc and make money from their ability? I have encountered various arguments including the following: The gifts of a psychic can only be used to … Continue reading Thoughts of Poor Psychics

Jupiter-Venus Physical Description

More than half of the horary questions that I receive are about relationships e.g. when would I find somebody? I would usually provide them with a physical description of the love interest. And often times, to check that the chart is radical and it’s an email reading, I would describe them and almost most of the time, I would describe their physical characteristics correctly. Thank God for that… *wipes sweat off the brow”. But having the skill to describe physical characteristics can be rather important for other reasons too. Continue reading “Jupiter-Venus Physical Description”

Let’s Make a Magic Potion!

The ideas are extracted and based on Donna Cunningham‘s Making Yourself a Birthday Essence at the Solar Return. This magic portion (all right, it’s not magic per se but you get the idea) helps you to take advantage of the opportunities in the solar year and strengthens you against the challenges. Here’s the suggested steps to making the potion: Print out a copy of your … Continue reading Let’s Make a Magic Potion!

Uranus Square North Node – Transit

My North Node is in the 2nd house and disposed by the Sun in the 2nd. My observations of transiting Uranus squaring the North Node are: I started placing bets for the first time on football based on astrological techniques I had a new unexpected wave of requests of readings. I started to offer synastry readings via email I seriously reconsidered for the umpteenth time … Continue reading Uranus Square North Node – Transit

A Case of Cosmic Whinging

Life is unfair, whines I. The Pluto in last year’s solar return conjunct the natal Ascendant. It was an uncomfortable year for sure. Fleeting moments of depression or extreme moodiness sunk in during the solar year. But there was huge transformations as well. I know the word transformation is overused but it’s true. I passed a piano diploma exam which was a big deal for … Continue reading A Case of Cosmic Whinging