Joseph specialises in astrological consultations for Irish and international clients including USA, UK, Australia and Singapore. He uses modern and traditional western astrology, I Ching and his intuition to provide insights into life’s many questions, including relationships, work and family.

Before his path as an astrologer, he spent 10 years working with and advising international and local companies and buinesses with one of the four biggest accountancy firms in the world. He currently still maintains his Chartered Accountant title. He also loves teaching the piano/keyboard to pupils of all ages in his alter ego as a music educator.

He has a honours degree in accountancy from Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, which is ranked 11th globally in 2017, along with grade 8 in practical piano and music theory from the Associated Boards of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM). To consolidate his astrological expertise, he is currently working towards a diploma in astrological studies from the renowned Faculty of Astrological Studies based in London.

Visit his site for details on his astrological readings. You can also connect with him on Facebook.