Weird Food

The Moon in your natal chart can represent many things. Some of them are: your feelings, your unconscious self, the source of your emotional security, your mother, your upbringing, your home and food.

If we extend the notion of food further, the Moon can represent our tastebuds, our taste for certain food. Actually, those with Moon and Venus aspects in their natal chart could indicate a sweet tooth as Venus can signify sweets, desserts and the like.

I want to explore Moon in Aquarius which I’m the proud owner of. I have never thought of my eating habits all these years until this morning when I had a Mexican tortilla wrap for breakfast. Let’s see what I put into the wrap: fried rice from the leftover Chinese, a sausage, onions and egg salad. This may sound perfectly normal to me and you but it’s certainly not to Adrian, who’s a chef. He was very accepting of my breakfast yesterday – a tortilla wrap with butter on it. Come to think of it, those were not the only times he commented on my “unique” sense of culinary combination …

Point is – those with Moon in Aquarius may have *slightly* unconventional tastebuds.


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