Surgeries and Mars

Oh blimey! I just recalled today that Mars is a significator for surgeries. I have a client who’s a doctor and is starting her new job which involves surgeries! One of the main transits that she will be going through is transiting Chiron aspecting natal Mars. Chiron can represent healing. In the 7th house, it could represent represent her clients or patients. Mars is in the 1st house in the sign of Virgo – which is amazing as it can represent surgery with precision or perfection. Mars rules the 8th and 3rd so that could mean surgery as part of her immediate environment and/or her mind is involved, along with transformations – perhaps to resurrect people who are on the gate of death or death.

I am so stuck into modern astrology’s archetypal patterns of interpretations. I told her that healing would be her motivation, driving force or something like that. Which isn’t incorrect. Anyhow, just so you know, Chiron – Mars can represent healing through surgery.

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