Chiron in Scorpio

In my previous post on Understanding Chiron, I described my personal thoughts on the life cycle of a magical wound. Let's apply that life cycle to Chiron in Scorpio.  What are some of the keywords associated with Scorpio (see note 1)? Transformation, renewal, destruction including birth and death, major changes Interdependence including sexuality, emotional intimacy, … Continue reading Chiron in Scorpio


Understanding Chiron

My relationship with the asteroid or mini planet Chiron is ever evolving albeit very slowly. Chiron is commonly known as the wounded healer. I think the analogy of a wound helps me very much in interpreting Chiron's placement in the different signs and houses.  Let's think about the life cycle of a wound. Firstly, how … Continue reading Understanding Chiron

Why You Might Feel Shitty the Month Before Your Birthday

Some weeks ago before my birthday, I was feeling out of sorts. Everything don't seem to be working out. My life was (and still is) falling apart. Oh God, help me! Out of curiosity, I googled searched "month before birthday" and came across some reading material: Chicago Tribune "A Zodiac Hell is in the Stars … Continue reading Why You Might Feel Shitty the Month Before Your Birthday

Am I Going to Study With This World-Famous Astrologer?

There is this famed astrologer in the world that I was extremely keen to study with. I wrote to her expressing my tremendous interest in studying with her. I was ecstatic to hear back from her after 1.5 weeks. I then asked her for her payment details so that I can pay her via Paypal, … Continue reading Am I Going to Study With This World-Famous Astrologer?

Lunar Nodes – A Balance Between the Old and New

I think the traditional view of the natal south node is that it's malefic and something that we should avoid and move away from. The modern western psychological view is that we don't abandon what comes naturally to us but instead, capitalise on them whenever it's appropriate to do so and seek to develop the … Continue reading Lunar Nodes – A Balance Between the Old and New

Solar Returns – What’s the Big Messages?

Solar returns can be a very useful tool in a predictive/forecasting astrologer's toolbox. My relationship with solar returns has changed over time. I used to be very detailed when using them. The current flavour of the month for me is to extract the big messages from them to identify any key messages that are not … Continue reading Solar Returns – What’s the Big Messages?

Lunar Nodes: Scorpio – Taurus

Here are some adjectives regarding this pair of moon nodes: Interdependence versus independent. Or put simply, us versus I Joint/partner's resources versus own resources Intensity versus simplicity Emotional versus physical Emotional intimacy versus physical intimacy Penetrative versus on the surface I had a client who has her north lunar node conjunct her Descendant and accordingly, … Continue reading Lunar Nodes: Scorpio – Taurus