Chiron in Scorpio

In my previous post on Understanding Chiron, I described my personal thoughts on the life cycle of a magical wound. Let’s apply that life cycle to Chiron in Scorpio. Read More »


Understanding Chiron

My relationship with the asteroid or mini planet Chiron is ever evolving albeit very slowly. Chiron is commonly known as the wounded healer. I think the analogy of a wound helps me very much in interpreting Chiron’s placement in the different signs and houses. Read More »

Musing About the Fiery Road

It’s still the via combusta now! For the noobs in astrology, it’s when the Moon is traversing from the zodiac sign Libra 15 degrees to Scorpio 15 degrees. My limited knowledge about via combusta is that it’s primarily of use in horary astrology and that it distresses the Moon i.e. whoever asks the universe a question during this time is likely to be experiencing emotional turbulence. There’s also a school of thought that it’s wise for questions not to be answered during such times.Read More »

Am I Going to Study With This World-Famous Astrologer?

There is this famed astrologer in the world that I was extremely keen to study with. I wrote to her expressing my tremendous interest in studying with her. I was ecstatic to hear back from her after 1.5 weeks. I then asked her for her payment details so that I can pay her via Paypal, bank transfer, etc. I waited for a week and didn’t hear back from her. Out of curiosity, I did a Google search on her past and existing students. The search revealed that there’s few students/astrologers with references to her name (i.e. 2 names out of about 100 results). Of course, there’s a likelihood that her students are shy of the internet or there’s equally other valid reasons for the lack of search results.Read More »

Manly Women and Girly Men

I was watching the TV series “The Restaurant” where celebrities are invited to head up a kitchen and cook for diners and food critics. The identity of the celebrity for each episode is not revealed to everyone until the very end of the show. During the course of the dinner, you can hear different people in the restaurant guessing, for a start, the gender of the celebrity and some go on to hazard a guess at the real identity of him/her.

What’s especially interesting to me is that the diners seem to make assumption about the gender of the celebrity chef based on the menu. Apparently, for this episode, most of the diners think that the chef is a man because of these dishes:

  • starters: poached egg on asparagus served with hollandaise sauce & pâté served with sour dough bread and chutney
  • mains: venison & lobster linguine
  • desserts: chocolate brandy & custard tart

I don’t get how the majority of the Irish diners associate the above menu with a man. Or in the first place, the association of certain food to a person’s gender. Isn’t that some stereotypical thinking at work?

Which also made me think of masculinity and femininity which are represented by Mars and Venus respectively. And also to some extent, the Sun and Moon respectively. The idea that both concepts are social constructs has been presented to me recently. I have never really thought about that before. But the more I think about it, the more I realise the validity to the notion.

For example, “a man doesn’t wear a skirt”. Except the Scots with their kilts. Except the Asian men with their sarongs. I wonder how did the unspoken rule came about? Who makes the rules as to whether it’s acceptable for a men to wear a skirt? The answer: society. In other words, masculinity i.e. the notion of what a man is is primarily determined by society. This shouldn’t be a surprise to us. But for those who have problems with not fitting into society’s definition of what a man or woman should be, why not be comfortable with your own version of masculinity, femininity or for some of you, gender fluidity?

Oh yes, the celebrity for tonight’s episode is state pathologist of Ireland, Marie Cassidy, a woman.


Lunar Nodes – A Balance Between the Old and New

I think the traditional view of the natal south node is that it’s malefic and something that we should avoid and move away from. The modern western psychological view is that we don’t abandon what comes naturally to us but instead, capitalise on them whenever it’s appropriate to do so and seek to develop the qualities of our North Node. In effect it’s to have the best of both worlds.

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Solar Returns – What’s the Big Messages?

Solar returns can be a very useful tool in a predictive/forecasting astrologer’s toolbox. My relationship with solar returns has changed over time. I used to be very detailed when using them. The current flavour of the month for me is to extract the big messages from them to identify any key messages that are not covered in transits. In any case, I think it’s useful to do a 10 to 15 minutes reading using the solar return (SR) chart before or after delving into transits.Read More »

Lunar Nodes: Scorpio – Taurus

Here are some adjectives regarding this pair of moon nodes:

  • Interdependence versus independent. Or put simply, us versus I
  • Joint/partner’s resources versus own resources
  • Intensity versus simplicity
  • Emotional versus physical
  • Emotional intimacy versus physical intimacy
  • Penetrative versus on the surface

I had a client who has her north lunar node conjunct her Descendant and accordingly, her south node conjuncts the Ascendant. She broke up with her partner. Interestingly, there are quite a couple of transits involving the nodes that are coming up for her. This suggests that she may encounter new experiences involving the second part of the above pairings. As a result of those experiences, she may be able to expand the boundaries of her comfort zone or even better develop another comfort zone and merge the two together.