Feeling Shaken

I feel shaken. As an astrologer, I get asked lots of different questions. Such is the rich tapestry of life. A recent one is “What’s the outcome of the appeal for me to remain in the country?” The answer is that it’s unlikely that the appeal will be successful. My heart sank and is heavy with what the gentleman is going through. That’s not all. Astrology also suggests that my client has to part with his girlfriend and all things pleasurable to him. Yes, I know it’s common sense that he has to do so but the astrological chart literally shouts that out to me.

Practising as a horary astrologer or indeed divining into the future requires a certain courage. The courage to communicate something unpleasant, when it happens, to the clients, yourself and your loved ones. And the sensitivity to communicate bad news. Yes, I have told every client that the future is malleable and changes when we change something within and without us. I sincerely hope that my client can find a solution to his situation. God bless him.


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