Venus-Neptune Natal

I have found Venus-Neptune aspects to have a certain reputation. Without considering the rest of the chart, it seems that people with this aspect could experience problems in their significant one-to-one relationships, not just in their romantic relationships. After all, Venus isn’t just about love, it’s about how we relate to others and many other things. Hopefully we don’t just relate to our life partner or romantic partner, we relate to our business partners, our colleagues, our parents, our children, our friends, you get the idea.

What are these problems that I have in my close-minded mind? The possibility of being delusional in relationships. The possibility of losing themselves which can include their head, heart, body or even their wallet or purse to someone else. There, I have said it. Having said that, I emphasize that being delusional is only one of the infinitesimal possibilites of a Venus-Neptune aspect. Why did I dedicate an entire post to this possiblity then? Well, I think this possibility keeps coming up in my readings with clients, especially younger ones who might not have the requisite experiences to blend reality with their rosy-tinted glasses.

I think it’s useful to separate aspects into flowing aspects (trine and sextile) and dynamic aspects (square, opposition and conjunction although conjunction isn’t technically an aspect, it just is; I suppose you can add sesquiquadrate and semisquare under the dynamic category as well. I feel that quincunxes and semisextiles belong to another separate category).

It seems to me that the flowing aspects are the “live and let live” type. The two planetary energies feel easy and doesn’t arouse a person much as compared to the dynamic ones. Therefore, the Venus-Neptune energies tend to be in the background and nothing really of major significance happen . These people are less likely to be delusional in their relationships unless someone or something triggers that natal configuration (e.g. Neptune square Venus transit for example).

Those with the dynamic aspects are more likely to have not just rose-tinted glasses over their eyes but also mind/heart/five-senses changing glasses too. Hence, when it comes to relationships, what they see is probably not what they get. Don’t get me wrong. That’s not a “bad” thing at all. I’m not here to judge. But I see people with Venus-Neptune of a dynamic aspect going through relationship after relationship and being hurt and even victimised. Sometimes I wish they could wake up to reality. But that’s being very cruel of me. Often times, I think it’s more compassionate not to wake them up from their fantasies, not that they want to do so.

I’m of the view that it’s best to utilise the Neptunian energies effectively so that there’s none left for it to manifest in a way that’s disagreeable to a person. Here are a few possibilities to be considered along with the sign of Venus, houses of Venus and Neptune and aspects to them:

  • spiritual practices of any sort
  • involvement with any form of artistic activity including music, art, drama
  • showing univeral love for other through volunteering, work, hobby
  • letting go in relationships. Entrust relationships to the “universe” or God
  • glamourising appearances, e.g. makeup artists, beauticians

I also think that Venus-Neptune works differently in men and women. That will be for another post.

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