What Will the Interview be Like?

Frodo is going for a job interview in about 5.5 hours time. He would like to know what to watch out for during the interview. There will be two interviewers – one will be his boss and the other will be his co-worker of equal rank. The chart below is set based on the time of the start of the interview.

will i get the job

Frodo is a very strong candidate. The job brings him grief and despair of some sort. He’s probably getting the job because of his partner who’s concerned that he’s unemployed. [Venus in its sign and triplicity in the 8th. Moon, the cosignifactor, is exalted in Taurus in the 7th].

The job is so-so. Not the best but at least it’s a job of some sort. There’s no common connection between the job and Frodo. Frodo is advised to be able to connect his skills and experiences to the requirements of the job. [Lord 10 Sun in 29 degrees Gemini. Sun in its face in 9th. There are no mutual reception between the Sun and Venus, and between the Sun and the Moon. The Sun is changing sign soon perhaps indicating that it is strictly a one-year contract position after which]

There’s likely to be no rapport between Frodo and the boss of the job. Frodo is advised to try to establish rapport with his boss. [The boss is represented by the dispositor of the 10th house ruler – Mercury. There are no mutual reception between Mercury and Venus, and between Mercury and Moon.]

The coworker, who’s a foreigner, who will be in the interview is going to be disruptive. Even though he likes Frodo, his views are overwritten by his boss’s. [Uranus sits on cusp of 7th. The co-worker is represented by Mars in 9th. Mars is in the sign of the Moon. However, both Venus and Moon are in the detriment of Mars. Mars is under the rays of the Sun.]

Frodo is unlikely to get the job. [Lord 10 the Sun does not make an aspect with Venus or the Moon.]

Update: Frodo did not get the job. 


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