Should I Stay or Leave This Job?

Mr Robin is having an incredibly hard time with his sales job. He asked whether it’s advisable to call it quits and to move over to another? He has no qualms about staying but wants to know whether all the time and money required of this new job are worth it.

should i leave or stay in this job?

It seems too early to say. But Mr Robin is likely to be continued to be burned out by this job in the near future although the worst seems to be over. This job cannot see the gifts that he brings to the table. The other job he has in mind appears to be a significantly better one than the current one.  [Significator of current job is the 10th house which is ruled by the Moon. Moon is separating from a conjunction with the Sun. The second sign in the 10th house is Leo which is ruled by the Sun. The Sun is in its own sign and is angular.]

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