My Mum Whom I Have Never Quite Known

Life can be filled with regrets. Even if you consciously set out to live a life sans regrets. I felt rather regretful that I have never quite fully known my mother who had left this world. I wished I had spent more time with her, trying to understand and appreciate her as her friends, colleagues, churchmates and husband had known her. I wish. Sadly, that’s impossible. Or is it?

Through astrology, I like to think that I understand her better as a person. I look at the Moon in my natal chart, which among many other meanings represents my experience of my mother if I had spent more time with her. My Moon is in Aquarius. This suggests the following: she’s more like a friend to me than a mum. She’s terribly open-minded, progressive. She’s like the odd one out in groups that she belongs to. She loves group membership. She’s quirky too. Very individualistic and independent. And rebellious at times. One of a kind. Once she has made up her mind, there’s little that can change it. She has an universal love for people.

That’s some of the information that I glean just from considering the sign of the Moon. I could go on to look at the other planets/Sun that the Moon makes an aspect to. That would very likely flesh out the description of my mother, whom I have never quite known.

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