Semisextiles in Transits

Based on my limited experience with transits, I have come to the preliminary conclusion that semisextiles in transits are rather subtle in their influence, almost like the strength of a cup of tea made using a tea bag that has been reused several times – weak and diluted.

Usually, there are quite a number of other transits, especially those involving the hard aspects, that are ongoing in a person’s life which warrant much more attention and are more obvious in a person’s life than semisextiles.

Talking about semisextiles when there’s 10-15 more impactful transits going on in a client’s or your life seems like an overkill, an information overload. And I truly subscribe to the saying “Less is more”. There is also the Pareto principle or the 80/20 rule that suggests 80% of output come from 20% of the input. Applying that to transits, perhaps 80% of the influences experienced in a person’s life are better accounted for by the hard aspects – conjunctions, oppositions and squares. But I’m inclined to add the “easy” aspects – trine and sextiles into the interpretation as well and place less emphasis on the “minor” aspects – quincunxes, sesquiquadrates and semisquares. That is, unless not much else is happening. Which I will be thanking the lucky stars for.


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