Lunar Nodes: Scorpio – Taurus

Here are some adjectives regarding this pair of moon nodes:

  • Interdependence versus independent. Or put simply, us versus I
  • Joint/partner’s resources versus own resources
  • Intensity versus simplicity
  • Emotional versus physical
  • Emotional intimacy versus physical intimacy
  • Penetrative versus on the surface

I had a client who has her north lunar node conjunct her Descendant and accordingly, her south node conjuncts the Ascendant. She broke up with her partner. Interestingly, there are quite a couple of transits involving the nodes that are coming up for her. This suggests that she may encounter new experiences involving the second part of the above pairings. As a result of those experiences, she may be able to expand the boundaries of her comfort zone or even better develop another comfort zone and merge the two together.


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