Will Mum Be Alive in the Next 12 Months?

Someone asked whether his mum will be alive in the next 12 months. His mum is in the intensive care unit in the hospital.

Will mum be alive

No. She have 13 days left or less. [Mum is represented by the 10th house and ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is in Libra in retrograde in turned 7th.

Death is represented by the turned 8th ruled by Venus or the radical 8th ruled by Saturn. Jupiter is running away from making a sextile with Saturn. But Jupiter eventually turned direct and met up with Saturn. However, there’s mutual reciprocity between the two, suggesting that there’s a “get out jail” card. Mum will be alive! What about the other significator of death – Venus?

Yes, mum is running away from Saturn but instead is going towards Venus. Venus is making an applying opposition to Jupiter. This is horrible. Venus is in its detriment. Venus besides being the signifactor of death also represents mum’s kidneys which have failed. The two planets perfected at 13 degrees 50 arcs. Venus is in a cardinal sign and angular giving it a moderate time frame with a possibility of being quicker – death in 13 days or earlier.

Another perspective is that the Moon’s first applying aspect is a square to Venus. Yes, I’m going to experience her death. There’s no translation or collection of light.]

Update: Mum passed away in 9 days from the day of casting the chart.


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