Understanding Chiron

My relationship with the asteroid or mini planet Chiron is ever evolving albeit very slowly. Chiron is commonly known as the wounded healer. I think the analogy of a wound helps me very much in interpreting Chiron’s placement in the different signs and houses. 

Let’s think about the life cycle of a wound. Firstly, how does one get a wound? Perhaps an event happened or there was a certain situation that existed. When you are physically wounded, there’s a tangible mark on your body. Your consciousness is drawn to the pain. You are more than aware of the existence of the wound. Even when it’s underneath your shirt and can’t be seen by others, it is very real to you.

The pain can be so overwhelming and may make you feel so isolated from others. Unfortunately, the wound that you have is magical. It can’t be fully healed. To manage the pain, you might do tons of research on it, get advice from experienced folks, etc. So much so that you become an expert on it and are able to teach others how to heal their wounds which are the same as yours just that they are non-magical. It’s an irony, isn’t it. You can show others how to heal the wound but you can only manage it yourself. Since the magical wound doesn’t quite go away, you invent ingenious solutions to manage it.

The above description of a magical wound helps me in interpreting Chiron in a natal chart. I will use Chiron in Scorpio as an example to illustrate the process in another post. Wait for it!


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