Sun in Libra vs Sun in 7th

Sun in Libra and Sun (of any sign) in 7th are both concerned with relationships. Under the alphabet system of astrology, it seems that both are similar and equivalent. But there's a clear difference as most of you would know. A person with Sun in Libra suggest that his/her identity, life purpose, creativity, vitality, heroic journey, … Continue reading Sun in Libra vs Sun in 7th


Aquarius on 2nd House

P.S. (pre-scipt): This is modern psychological astrology where Uranus co-rules Aquarius.  The 2nd house represents our personal resources which includes money and resources, self-worth and values in general. They may be things which we attach to ourselves or our ego to make us feel secure. Using traditional rulership, Saturn rules Aquarius. Therefore, there's Saturian themes … Continue reading Aquarius on 2nd House