Sun in 10th House – Solar Returns

When Sun is the 10th house, it means that your profession, career, vocational direction, future goals, your future, your mother, your boss/authority figures and any other 10th house matters are highlighted during the solar return (SR) year.

It doesn’t promise a good or great year for your profession for the career-minded folks. In fact, I was nearly fired from my job when I had this placement once. However, SR Sun in 10th house does hold the potential for a great year in your career assuming all the necessary groundwork has been put in previously and during the SR year. It could also mean that you stop whatever you are doing e.g. your current job, profession, studies and switch to something else. It could mean that you are taking a step towards your vocational direction e.g. start a new course, try something new that has a bearing on your vocational direction, your profession and ultimately your future. The thing/project which you have started e.g. a new educational course/certification may not necessarily be completed during the SR year.

Or it could mean that you spend a lot of your attention on your mother, or some say the father, during the SR year. For example, my mother passed away when the SR Sun was in the 10th house. Of course there should be other indicators e.g. transits, progressions, solar arcs, aspects to the Sun in the SR to support such a testimony.

The following may also add to the interpretation:

  • The natal meaning of Sun. My philosophical view is that solar returns can be used as a yearly planning tool to plan towards achieving your life purpose, your creative gifts, your hero journey, etc. Therefore, the natal meaning of the Sun forms the background of any SR analysis.
  • Natal house that the SR MC falls in – this provides another layer of information, e.g. if SR MC falls in natal 8th house, it suggests that there’s a transformation to your vocational direction, public face, mother, your future goals, etc.
  • Sign of the SR MC – is it cardinal, fixed or mutable? If it’s cardinal, maybe you might start something new. If fixed, maybe you may be tested on your staying power. If mutable, maybe you adapt and flex. What’s the element of the MC? You are more likely to reach your 10th house goal by e.g. being more practical and discriminating if MC is in Virgo/Earth.
  • Sign of your SR / natal Sun – see some of the consideration in the point above.


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