Sun in 10th House / Solar Returns

To be honest, I used to think that when the Sun is the 10th house of a solar return chart, it’s a “done deal” that that year is a good year career wise. When I examined that thought/belief further, I realised that I had the idea that where the sun is in the 10th house of a solar return chart (assuming there are no other factors suggesting otherwise), a person will shine in his/her career without having to put in any effort. To my horror, I became my client as described in Will a Man Drop From the Sky? Thinking about the matter logically, how can anyone possibly shine in their career if he/she has been performing crappily that year and indeed, in previous years? Do I seriously think that a person’s career becomes magically transformed when the Sun is located in the 10th house of a solar return chart? How do I interpret the 10th house Sun then?

Amongst various things, the Sun represents ourselves, our conscious direction in life (versus the Moon which represents our unconscious self), the hero on a quest, our vitality and our (conscious) focus of our attention. Therefore, the location of the Sun in a solar return chart represents where we may seek to focus our energies, our attention and ourselves for that solar year. Note that the previous sentence doesn’t talk about guaranteed success in one’s career. But rather, where we would most likely consciously focus our attention and ourselves for the solar year.

Another attribute or keyword of the Sun is to shine. Therefore, a person with a solar return 10th house Sun may shine in their profession that year. That is if the person has done the preparation work to do so in the past many years. It’s like being a professional swimmer.  You are given the opportunity to participate in the Olympics when the Sun is in your 10th house solar return. If you have been training hard up to now, you can finally shine in front of millions or billions of audience all over the world. However, if you have not been training at all, you still have to participate in the competition which is seen by everyone. Instead of receiving accolades and honours for your efforts, you are seen by the world as a swimmer who just didn’t make it.

Therefore, when the Sun is in your 10th solar return house, an interpretation is that your work performance, be it good or bad, is illuminated during that year. If it’s good, it’s very likely that you receive recognition and reward for that, assuming you push for it unless the company or organisation that you work for automatically rewards you without you having to do anything except to perform well. Equally, if your work performance is substandard, I think it’s very likely that that is recognised as well as you have nowhere to hide. It’s like you are given this major project that is very high profile and you lack the skills to perform and deliver in the project. Your weaknesses come into full view of everyone.

I know I make it sound rather dire above and certainly, there are other interpretations of the Sun in the 10th solar return house, e.g. leaving your job/career if you are not fulfilled by it, managing authority/your bosses purposefully. But, I just wanted to emphasise that one of the possible interpretations is certainly that your performance at work comes into full view of everyone. If you are self-employed, it could mean that it’s time to reap the harvest of how you have been running your business – I wish for you that it’s crops that you are harvesting, instead of weeds!

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