The Occult and Power / 8th House

I was having a delightful chat with someone on her strong 8th house emphasis. She’s immensely interested in the occult. I asked why hasn’t she considered making a career out of it? She said that it’s hardly possible to making a living out of it, unless she writes books on the subject. My understanding of the occult is minimal at best. I innocently asked, can’t you use your knowledge of the occult to help others, just like what I do with astrology? She said something along the lines of “I don’t want to help people. I want it for myself!”

Interesting. Before I posed the above questions to her, she was explaining to me that the dark arts is really about being in contact with your shadow self, a Jung concept. There’s tremendous power that’s latent with the different aspects of your shadow self. It dawned on me that Ms Pink is really interested in power mainly for her own advantage. There’s no wrong with that. Different strokes for different folks. Hmmm. An interesting conversation indeed.


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