Will My Sore Throat Recover by 2.30pm Tomorrow?

horary astrology cold sore throat recoverLord 1 – Venus, which represents me, is cold and moist. Leo is hot and dry. Yes, I am sick. Duh.

I can supposedly discover the cause of the sore throat by looking at ruler of the sign that Venus is in i.e. Sun or look at the most recent planet that Venus has separated from (Venus trined Saturn in Sagittarius OR Moon opposited Pluto but Pluto doesn’t appear in medical astrology text to my knowledge). However, I lack the knowledge of medical astrology to determine the cause of the illness and will pass on that. But I could say that there’s restrictions in my communication or when travelling! Holy cow! My body was probably greatly debilitated after a most miserable (Saturn) bus journey (3rd house) that I took yesterday.

Which is stronger? Lord 1 (ruling house of body) – Venus in 24° Leo in 11th or Lord 6 (ruling house of illness) – Jupiter in 24° Libra in 1st? It’s interesting that Lord 6 is in the first house, representing that illness is upon me. More interestingly, Lord 6 is making an applying sextile to Lord 1 and perfects in 29 arc. So, the sore throat is going to get worse easily without much effort or delay. Indeed, the dryness of the throat only set in last night. Lord 6 seems to be stronger as it’s in the first house, and is in its term. Lord 1 is in peregrine but rules Lord 6! So, I have control over this illness, which makes natural sense. I can gargle salt solution or eat loads of honey today.

More importantly, Lord 6 is sitting on Spica. So, despite my sore throat, all will work out well – indeed, the reading that’s scheduled at 2.30pm tomorrow has been happily rescheduled to the following week.

Just for the sake of interest, let’s explore timing. Venus is making the applying aspect. It is in a fixed sign and in a fixed house. The time frame is therefore long, say days (I considered minutes, hours and days). Very roughly, 60 arc = 1 day, 29 arch = about 11.5 hours. My sore throat will get worse at about 8.30pm tonight and hopefully gets better after that.

Update on 17 Sep 17

I felt feverish at about 7.30pm, popped in two paracetamol tablets  and ate a Chinese takeaway at 8.30pm.



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