About Fortune Telling

I read something extremely insightful from esteemed astrologer, Robert Hand:

So, there was no need to do a horary. What I intend to do instead is this: If what I do is supported, I will follow that path; if it is sufficiently resisted by circumstances, I will modify the path. Horary should never be used as a substitute for experience, self-knowledge, and common sense. It should only be used when you really have no control over the outcome and you have a desperate desire to know. But I have control over this outcome.

Horary is a specific form of astrology that provides predictions, not unlike tarot, I Ching when they are used to predict an outcome to a situation. Whenever I do a reading using horary techniques for clients, I would always preface it with something along the lines of “this is the likely outcome to your question assuming that nothing changes. If you change something, the outcome may change too.” On hindsight, quite a lot of my clients hear the disclaimer but I suspect they don’t really comprehend it totally – they believe that fate or destiny has control over them and the situation. They don’t have influence over the situation.

It was most illuminating to read Robert Hand’s thoughts on horary or fortune telling, although I’m not equating horary with fortune telling –

It (fortune telling) should only be used when you really have no control over the outcome and you have a desperate desire to know.

However, whether you have control over an outcome or not ultimately depends on your philosophical beliefs or views on fate and destiny. What’s yours?

P.S.: I had a client who was waiting for her turn. A person came by and asked what I do as an astrologer. I explained xyz and also that I’m not a fortune teller. The client who was waiting later quizzed me “If you are not a fortune teller, who are you?”

P.S.S.: Maybe it’s comforting for some people to relegate responsibility of their life to a higher source.



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