Expecting the Unexpected to Strike – Uranus-Sun Transit

Brady in her book Predictive Astrology states “The transits of the planet Uranus are precise and events usually happen on the days of exactness”. And later qualified with “These statements should not be taken as gospel, but used simply as a starting point”.

Transiting Uranus perfects its separating square with my natal Sun in 2nd from 11pm yesterday to 8am this morning. Natal Uranus is in the 6th and rules the 6th while natal Sun rules the 3rd. Nada happened during this time except that my sleep was interrupted. I woke up at 1.30am and 5.30am and went back to bed.

Let’s look at the day before the perfection. I did two readings in the evening and that was that. Yes, they were readings which I made some money (2nd), communicated during the reading (3rd) and is part of work (6th). There was an element of unexpectedness or suddenness as the client cancelled on the day of the reading and sent me another email shortly to reinstate it.

On the day of the perfection after 8am, I won €10 at the Bingo games. I don’t usually play it as it’s money losing record for me. But I thought I would use the randomness of a Uranus transit to see if there’s any unexpected winnings, which there was. I won the first line of the first game. €10. No big money but it’s money (2nd) nevertheless.

The day after the perfection, minutes ago, my sister got in touch with me (3rd) to say that she’s been invited (3rd – communication, letter, correspondence involving me) to view an apartment (radical 6th is turned 4th from 3rd). Now, that was totally unexpected, never in my life (Uranus) would I have thought that she would received an invitation as I imagined that they were long gone as they are like gold dust in Singapore. Anyhow, to put it into context, I would be helping my sister a bit with the finances should she get an apartment (Sun in 2nd). Certainly my life direction (transited planet is Sun) would be significantly impacted too if she does get the place.

Lesson relearnt: 3rd house can represent siblings. And perhaps that’s a case for using derivative houses in forecasting. And expect the unexpected when it comes to Uranus transits.


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