Will I Win at the Bingo Tonight?

The Ascendent is in an early degree. It’s too early to tell. The question is premature. Yes, I haven’t even gone to the pub and bought my tickets yet. Definitely an early question.

The Ascendent is in Virgo ruled by Mercury which is my chart ruler and progressed Sun ruler! Mercury is in the 4th, at home. Yes I am at home, all right. Mercury is logical, thinking and analytical and believes that the odds of winning in bingo is low. It’s better to spend that money on a book instead. The idea of trusting in the future, luck as represented by Sagittarius is not compatible with the Mercurial nature. Mercury is retrograding. This suggest that I’m rethinking or backtracking on my original thoughts of playing bingo.

The Moon is in the 5th. My interest is in the game of chance – bingo and whether I can win money from it! Moon last separated from a sextile to Jupiter in 3rd. Expansive thoughts or opportunities ideas. Actually, Jupiter in 3rd = a phone call from my partner! As Jupiter rules the 7th and 8th. It’s funny that Jupiter and Moon are in reception of fall and detriment. Hmmm, they speak a different lingo when it comes to bingo. Yes!

Moon’s applying by conjunction to Pluto in 5th next. There’s uncovering of something. Big money. Hidden treasure. Or a dark sexy person? Transformation in bingo which could mean a change in my fortunes! Or it could also mean that my chances of winning the bingo are destroyed and ruined. Let’s look for other indicators.

Hmm, here’s a dilemma. I don’t know whether to use the 5th, 11th or 8th to represent the winnings. I considered the 8th because I’m competing with the other bingo players for the pot of money. Interesting, chiron sits on the 8th which means that there’s little money.

  • If it’s the 8th, there’s no aspect between Mercury and Jupiter. Moon and Jupiter are in orb but the Moon has separated from Jupiter. Moon is  prohibited by Pluto from making a sextile to the 8th house cusp.
  • If it’s the 5th, the ruler of 5th, Saturn, is in combustion. So, all chances of winning are burned, they can’t be seen! Just like Moon conjuncting with Pluto. The Moon is swallowed up by Pluto!
  • If it’s the 11th, the ruler of 11th is the Moon.

Judgment is that I won’t be winning at the bingo tonight!


I did win at the bingo which essentially recoup the money I paid for it. I did spend more than I won though, on the drinks and the food…

Lesson learnt: When the Ascendent is in too early a degree, the question is premature. A judgment made based on that chart is likely to be shaky or unreliable.

On a different note, transiting Mars made a trine to my Mercury today, which conjuncts the 2nd house. This could account for my win at the bingo! Hmmm, Mercury is in the triplicity and fall of Mars. So, there’s some winning (triplicity) but a bigger loss of money (drinks + food).



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