To Relocate or Not?

[This post is to be updated as it’s written when Mercury is stationing.]

Ms Pavane asked whether it’s a good idea for her family to move to Timbuktu as her partner may have a job offer at a higher position over there.

The 7th house represents the relocated place. North node sits on the 7th. That’s a good sign. 7th house ruler, the Sun, is in its triplicity and angular on the 10th. That’s a strong position to act from.

The 1st house represents staying put. South node is there. Saturn is in Sagittarius, in its face. It’s in the 11th house of hopes and dreams and friends. Something private involving children/pleasure is at a standstill, not progressing. It’s going to retrograde. Progress might be slower.

The Moon separated from an opposition to Venus in a cadent house which is peregrine to angular Sun in its triplicity.

All in all, the move looks good.


move or not relocation horary

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