A Bit Worried – Pluto Conjunct IC

I will ‘fess up. I’m a bit worried. On my way home, I remembered that tomorrow is the day where transiting Pluto will cross over my solar return IC. Even as a professional astrologer, it can be a bit tough sometimes to focus on the positives of a transit.

From my experience, the consequences of Pluto conjuncting IC, even if it’s a solar return IC, is tremendous and shouldn’t be taken lightly. I was like “What transformation at home, within myself, or my past, etc is going to take place?” I started to walk faster and ran. I just remembered that I could have left a candle burning in the bathroom. Never mind the fact that the candle is in a glass container and isn’t likely to start a fire. BUT, heavyweight Pluto is crossing over IC! The home could be burned down, which will be transformative all right!

I worried about some part of home breaking down and having to replace something for a few grand. A friend did a cartomancy reading for me recently and predicted that there will some work done in the kitchen… Hey heavens, my partner and I haven’t much money to spare for renovations or to replace the fridge for example…

I remembered the I Ching reflection that I did for myself this morning. Hexagram 50. I read up more about it. Transformations kept coming up. Okay. Sounds like Pluto to me. What the f*** is happening? I retrieved my solar return chart again. Jesus christ! I had frightened myself unnecessarily…. I use the equal house system and misread the IC. It’s actually Pluto crossing over the 4th house, which isn’t IC.

All that inner fury for nothing. Ok, it pays to be extra careful in chart interpretation!


One thought on “A Bit Worried – Pluto Conjunct IC

  1. Hi,
    how is it going the transit?? I´m terrified with mine. Got Pluto transiting IC and squaring AC/DC and the future Pluto – Saturn conjunction Will be on my IC!! Also having Uranus transiting squaring natal Saturn. As you said, even with some astrological knowledge, it´s like seeing a tsunami coming and not being able to avoid it!!


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