Solar Return Against Natal Chart

I was relooking at my 2017-18 solar return against my natal chart using a synastry grid just now. 

Something stood up to me – solar return ASC and MC conjunct and square natal Pluto respectively! That made total sense to me. I can definitely attest that this solar return year has been a period of extensive Plutonian transformation even though I didn’t see the Plutonian energies in transits and directions. Although having said that, progressed Pluto in direct motion conjuncts natal Pluto in retrograde tightly, so, I shouldn’t be surprised that I feel or experience internally transformation, that everyday is a struggle, etc. Certainly, the themes relating to the house of my natal house come up too. Wow.

I had another look at the other aspects between the solar return and natal chart. Solar return Moon squares and conjuncts Venus and Chiron respectively. Oh wow again. I joined an organisation that provides listening services to vulnerable callers within the solar return period. Venus – Chiron brings to my mind relating to the wounded, abandoned and isolated ones, which is exactly what I’m doing. What’s interesting is that solar return Moon and Mercury are involved which is spot on – I listen and talk on the phone (Mercury) to provide callers with emotional support (Moon) and volunteering is part of my regular routine (Moon). Look at it another way, solar return Mercury is in the 11th. This represents communication within a humanitarian group (a very prominent group as the 11th house cusp is Leo). Solar return Moon is in the 7th, which symbolizes emotional support to the other party i.e. callers.

Wow. I shouldn’t be surprised at the above insights. But, checking for hard and tight aspects between solar returns and the natal chart isn’t what I pay 100% attention to. I will certainly do that going forward.


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