To Move or to Stay?

Howard asked whether to stay or to move abroad.

Based on the current circumstances, the answer is to stay where he is. Maybe because there are limited professional opportunities for him overseas. [1st and 4th to represent current place of residence. The 7th to represent moving abroad. There’s no aspect between Lord 7 Saturn and Sun, Saturn and Moon, Saturn aspecting the 7th or any planets in the 7th. There’s no translation or collection of light involving Saturn.]

He is clearly distressed about his home/current place of residence and having hidden thoughts. However, all will work out for him in the end as he’s protected by the cosmos.  [Moon in via combusta in 4th conjunct Spica fixed star]

He has little confidence about the future. His vitality and energy is at a all-time low. His conscious attention and self-esteem all depends on the place that he’s intending to move to and/or his relationships. [Lord 1, Sun in Aquarius and conjunct South Node].

Thoughts about her hopes and wishes for the future, which are causing agony to her, may be the main reason or cause prompting the move. [Mercury rules 11th and 3rd and conjuncts the 7th].


to move or to stay horary

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