AstroCartoGraphy – Moon on DSC

James is looking for a partner, a wife. He thinks he is ready to find someone to love, marry and have kids with. He is thinking of finding someone from country X.

Most interestingly, we discovered that country X is near his Moon on DSC AstroCartoGraphy (ACG) line. What are the odds of that? Moon on DSC for a heterosexual male could suggest finding someone nurturing, feminine, sensitive, intuitive. And above all, a mother to his future kids. It’s amazing that the country he’s thinking of is confirmed by ACG. What’s also amazing is that his friends cautioned him about the women from country X that they have the tendency to be “too feminine” when compared to the cultural background of James. By that, they meant changeable and moodiness (I know, I know, men can be that too!). Again, what was described by James fit into the Moon on DSC ACG line.


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