Local Space Maps

Scott has an extreme attraction to Rome. He couldn’t understand why. The ACG line nearest to Rome is Uranus on MC or more accurately Uranus on MC-IC axis. He certainly felt free, independent and able to be who he is in Rome. But that doesn’t describe what he felt when he’s in Rome. His relocated chart for Rome shows that his Moon-Venus conjunction in the 4th house instead of the 11th as in the natal chart. The 4th house is about roots and settling down among other matters. So, the relocated chart seems to describe how he experience Rome.

But my intuition suggests that something is missing from the analysis. I looked at his relocated local space chart and natal local space map. Nothing jumped out at me that would explain his fascination with Rome. By accident, I generated a local space map based on his relocated chart in England (he’s originally from USA and is currently living in England). Guess what? There is a Moon lunar running from England to Rome!

I had a quick read of local space maps in Martin Davis’s Astrolocality Astrology and found that he did apply the technique of using relocated local space maps too! (in Chapter 3 in the example of Charles A. Lindbergh).

Wow, there’s so much to locational astrology!

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