Solar Return Sun in 12th

I had an interesting astrological consultation recently. Interesting and somewhat perplexing because the client’s solar return (SR) Sun is in the 12th house and it has been one of her best years ever. Now, that’s a new one for me. Unless you apply an orb of 8° for conjunction, which I feel is too wide for me.

Here are some thoughts based on the solar return:

  • Mars conjunct ASC from 1st closely – I think this is possibly the main reason why the client felt that it’s a “good” year for her, especially career wise. She felt that she could act, fight, go after her desires. Natal Mars is in the 10th house and her natal chart ruler.
  • Sun semisquares Venus in 11th – Frustration to do with her friendship whom she’s in love with
  • Sun opposes Saturn in 6th – Responsibility, burden at work or involving her health
  • Sun sextile Uranus in 10th; Uranus in the same degree as nodes, Uranus sextile MC in 8th – Urge to make a radical major change in her career or future aspirations. Almost a change that seems fated this year.
  • T-square between Sun (12), Saturn (6) and Chiron (9) where Chiron is the focal planet – Tension between working in the background and responsibility at work (or being disciplined in health routines) to be resolved by alternative knowledge, advice, philosophy.
  • Minor grand trine between Mars (1), Moon (9) and Venus (11) where Venus is the focal planet – personal drive and dissolution of beliefs that are outdated can be further enhanced by friendship and personal aspirations.

Considering the natal chart as well:

  • Angular SR Mars is in the natal 8th house – a year of transformation, new beginnings, delving into any buried emotions
  • SR Saturn conjunct n. IC or opposes n. MC – a year of building and consolidating one’s foundation to prepare for future years
  • SR Venus conjunct n. Chiron and opposes n. Uranus – freedom and independence from the friend whom she’s in love with and going through a healing process
  • SR Mercury opposes n. Neptune – Solo thoughts or communications in the background is indistinct. Potential for spiritual learnings and ideas.

Learning Points

  1. Yes, the SR Sun is in the 12th house. However, that’s not the only factor to be considered in a SR chart. In this case, there’s the angular SR Mars, SR Uranus in the same degree as the SR lunar nodes, SR Uranus making a tight sextile to SR MC, tight T-Square and minor grand trine, etc
  2. There is some much that can be gleanned from a SR chart, along with the natal chart. I think this is great for a 30-45 minutes of reading which I used to do but stopped recently.



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