Which Direction to Face?

I have often wondered about whether the direction that one faces most of the time in a day has any effect on one’s “luck”. Certainly in Feng Shui, directions matter. Under Chinese cosmology, I also recall that depending your date of birth and gender, you are assigned a different “gua” number. For that specific number, there are auspicious directions to invoke luck for health, wealth, studies, etc. Similarly, there are inauspicious directions that you are warned not to face lest the worst possible things may befall onto you.

I’m trying an experiment for the next few days. I will cast the local space chart based on my relocated chart and face a direction of a planet of my choice each day. Here’s my thoughts:

  • I have been facing south when I use my desk. South is the direction of Uranus. Hmmmm, do I feel a sense of freedom and independence? Do unexpected and sudden things befall me? Not really… hmmm…
  • Often times, I work from the dining table and I would be facing West. That’s where my Venus is facing. Hmmm. This was certainly a comfortable place to work from. I would usually be inspired in my writing although I’m not sure whether that’s due to a transit or progression?
  • I’m trying about the North-West direction today. There’s a lot of planetary energies that’s invoked – Sun, North Node, Mercury and Mars. Hmmm, I have been facing this direction for the past 30mins and I definitely feel different although that could be due to my cold that’s possibly deteriorating offset by the peppermint tea that I’m imbibing.



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