Horary: Will I Get the Job?

No. [1st ruler Sun and 10th ruler Venus don’t aspect each other. Well, Venus moves faster than the Sun. The Sun can’t catch up with Venus. Let’s take the Moon as the job. Moon and the Sun – the Moon applies to the Sun by square with no reception. But before it does so, Moon applies to Mercury by square and hence is a blockage of some kind. It’s almost as if there’s unfavourable news of some kind relating to the job that’s brought to the client. Let’s take the Moon as the co-significator of the client. The Moon has to go through many hoops before it reaches Venus. Is there translation of light? Mercury is blocked in its translation although it’s doubtful that it can reach Venus before the latter leaves it sign. Moon is blocked Mercury in its translation (and eventually Mars). What about collection of light? The Sun doesn’t pass by Jupiter. So no go. Saturn has collected Venus’s light and I think Mercury will bypass the Sun.]

The job isn’t as good as the client perceives it. In any case, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the job to her loss of motivating energy, energy draining away due to force in daily environment. [10th ruler Venus in 5th conjunct South Node; Mars and Neptune in the same degree as nodes. Venus trines Mars, squares Pluto in 3rd, semisextile Neptune.]

The job is stable, physical and secure. May involve food and body. The employer is not in a hurry in employ someone. [10th in Taurus. Venus is moving slower than the average speed]

She is mid-height to tall. Well-built to slightly big in size. She’s in a transition phase of her life, not committed to anything in particular. She’s thinking of home, her father. Or her desired personal finances. [1st ruler Sun in Sagittarius. Sun in peregrine. Mercury which rules 2nd and 11th in combustion.]

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Extracted from Derek Appleby’s Horary Astrology

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