Who Loves Who More?

The 1st and 7th ruler symbolizes the querent and quesited. William Lilly would look at the faster moving ruler as the person who has keener affections than the person that is represented by the slower moving planet.

I was doing a love reading. There’s no connection between the 1st and 7th ruler, even after considering translation, collection, etc. And then, I saw the Moon going towards the 7th ruler (if I remember correctly). I told the client that she will be approaching the man. To which she said immediately “What’s wrong. I never approach him.” and left without wanting to hear anymore. I realized that in my haste to give her an answer, I didn’t see that the Moon rules the 8th…

The lesson for me is that look at the speed of the planets of Lord 1 and Lord 7 to see the extent of affection. Do not involve the Moon unless that’s the Lord 1 or Lord 7.

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