Radical Houses in Consultation Charts

Time and time again, I have found that it’s better to not to turn the chart unless there’s an absolute need to. For example, I had seen the following:

  • The 7th ruler is approaching combustion. Both the 7th ruler and the Sun are in the 8th
  • The 7th ruler is under the Sun beams. Both the 7th ruler and the Sun are in the 8th

In both cases, the Sun rules the intercepted 8th or turned 2nd. I originally thought that the other person is burned by financial issues. Apparently, they were affected by 8th house matters – death, uncomfortable feelings.

I have been avoiding the use of the word “death” in consultations. However, actual death seems to pop up sometimes when the 8th house is involved.

Here’s another example on the use of radical charts. The 7th ruler rules the radical 7th and 9th. I took the 9th to be the turned 3rd and said something about the other person’s siblings. This could be correct but the querent is unaware of anything relating to the siblings. However, it is clear that the other person is from overseas or more accurately lives in an overseas country. Unless there’s a specific question about the other person’s sibling (9th or turned 3rd), it might be an idea to stick to the radical house meaning of overseas, travel (radical 9th).


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