Increase Your Chances of Finding Love

Astrology is supposed to make life better, well at least to me anyway. So, practically speaking, how can we use astrology to increase your chances of finding love? Assuming your natal chart does not deny love or relationship, I think love searches or the first few meetings with dates should be conducted when:

  • It’s between a new Moon and full Moon
  • Avoid the first 24 hours or so after a new Moon
  • Venus, a general significator of love and relationship, is dignified i.e. when Venus is in Taurus, Libra and Pisces. Maybe when Venus is in Cancer and Capricorn during daytime. And possibly when Venus is in its term, although it’s not the best, but better than nothing i.e. when Venus is in:
    • 6 to 14 degrees Aries,
    • 14 to 21 degrees Gemini,
    • 20 to 27 degrees Cancer,
    • 13 to 19 degrees Leo,
    • 8 to 14 degrees Sagittarius,
    • 0 to 6 degree Capricorn.

The above are the basic things to look out for and most people with a little astrological knowledge should be able to observe those steps. Following that, to zero in on the better timing, I would suggest the use of:

  • Lunar mansions
  • Planetary hours

As I’m writing this, I think there are some important qualifiers to the foregoing insight. However, the knowledge required would probably be beyond those with little astrological knowledge. I think it is important that the Moon and Venus does not apply to an opposition, conjunction or square with Mars and Saturn. I mean even if the Moon and Venus are strong, there’s likely to be obstacles and challenges when they encounter Mars and Saturn in a challenging aspect. However, I suppose it’s better to work with some timing than with none. Hmmm, perhaps there is a market for love calendars?



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