d.MA square SU/MO midpoint

Based on COSI, Mars = Sun / Moon is “the urge to bring to fruition ideals and wishes, sexual attraction between husband and wife, desire for children. The urge to marry, the realization of joint objectives, sex-union, marriage.”

Hmmm, Mark couldn’t relate to any of the interpretations above. It got me thinking. His Neptune is the only natal planet that falls on SU/MO. It makes sense to interpret d.MA as = NE = SU/MO.

I asked him what did he remember of the day or the day before and after it. He said that he went to Nathan Carter’s music concert and remembered thinking of the concert venue, the music and the atmosphere as highly Venusian where elderly women are having the best times of their life. I asked him whether he would also describe the energy as Neptunian. He said yes!

Some astrologers connect music to Neptune. It seems like that that’s the case here, especially given that Nathan Carter and the rest of his crew are male.

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