Solar Return – Sun Transits

A less reliable timing technique for solar returns is to note the conjunction of Sun transits on solar return planets/points. Here’s a quick look at this technique based on some transits:

  • t.SU con Vertex(8). Harry can’t remember any fated encounters.
  • t.SU con North Node (8) which is disposed by the Sun in 8th. Harry can’t remember any fated encounters or growth event/person. Or anything remotely related to the 8th house.
  • t.SU con ME(8) – As Mercury, which rules SR 6th, 7th and 9th, is involved, there’s communication, contracts, etc. Harry had very negative, depressed thoughts on the day. He received three business inquiries. He received an out-of-office reply to an extremely important email that he sent out on the day.
  • t.SU con VE (8) – Harry had a great time watching a movie with his partner (SR VE rules SR 5th). He met a beautiful woman (whose chart ruler is Venus in Pisces) who is distressed as part of his work (SR VE rules SR MC)


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