You are so Talented / Trines and Talents

I was waiting for my piano student and his mum to show up for his lesson. I practised the fiddle while waiting for them. They finally showed up and the mum commented that she didn’t realise that I was the one playing. I said that playing the piano is kinda stressful as it’s the instrument that I’m supposed to be a pro in while the fiddle is a hobby, just for the fun of it. She said that I was talented. I didn’t respond to her compliment and shrugged my shoulders.

Then it occurred to me that music and playing a musical instrument (and teaching it) come easily to me. It certainly didn’t occur to me that it’s a talent although I suppose others who are less musically inclined may call it that. Then I recalled my natal chart where there is a trine between Venus and Neptune. Venus symbolises the arts, beauty, aesthetics, what I love and find enjoyable. Neptune symbolises the intangible, the arts especially music, what’s ineffable. When there is a trine between these two planets, a person tends to be musically inclined, amongst many many other things.

Interesting really. I ought to know better as an astrologer. However, the nature of trines is that because they come so easily to us, we tend to dismiss them. I know I do anyway. But it is true. Trines can indicate talents. It comes easily to us, so we find it pleasurable or enjoyable to keep doing it. It is at our disposal. We don’t have to struggle much (square). It’s what we are good at. It makes life or stressful situations more bearable as it can be our way out of a difficult situation. It’s supportive and almost healing in a way.

Nevertheless, tomes of books have been written about the disadvantages of trines. However, that’s not what this post is about. This post is about being consciously aware of, being appreciative and using your trines in your natal chart – talents. Or when trines show up in the array of forecasting techniques. Enjoy.

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