Pluto Transits

Pluto transits are concerned with:

  • bringing something to the surface hidden or subliminal conditions
  • purging, elimination, death and destruction of the old – old patterns of thoughts and behaviour, old shell, psychic residue that are preventing your growth, life patterns that are no longer serving a useful purpose in your inner development,
  • in order to make room for the new, transofrmed into a new source of power

It can be:

  • painful, confusing

Its purpose:

  • to let go of an old psychological pattern or approach to life which no longer serves any creative purpose.
  • freedom from bondage to forms and substances no longer useful to the individual
  • to release and set free what is enduring from the transitory

But it can:

  • open up doors to new insights, lead to an entirely new outlook on life
  • introduce long-lasting, profound needed changes in your life

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