Trans-Saturn Transits

It is a time of:

  • intense and concentrate changes

You may feel:

  • having a rug pulled under you i.e. a sudden loss of support
  • leaving you disoriented and there’s no place to stand, nothing firm and familiar to hold on to – a very insecure feeling. Sometimes accompanied by physical and/or psychological symptoms of disintegration
  • panic, fear and anxiety due to the loss of the familiar, having to give up the old and secure way of live and adapt to the change
  • which can be very stressful . feeling of inner pressure and tension

The long-term ramifications of these change periods will not become apparent until we have the benefit of time to process and acquire a new perspective. Sometimes, it may take up to 10 years before you can fully grasp the significance of the changes.

What can help you to get through this period?

  • faith in the wisdom and the order of life itself

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