The Phoenix Series 5 – the Connection Between your Body, Health, Vitality and how Others Perceive you

Andrew Goldblatt has transformed his body and his life. 
Instagram/Andrew Goldblatt

Transformation of the physical body

When I think of transformation of the body, it’s often in terms of a person losing weight. Actually, when I think about it, it works the other way too – someone gaining weight. Which is probably what I’m going through now. Covid fat, that’s what it’s called.

Whether it’s losing or gaining weight, the body has to go through stress of some kind. The immediate image that comes into my mind is a weight lifter or someone trying to get fit. The weight from the dumbbells or the human body weight in calisthenics stresses the body, contracting it into shape. It works the other way too – when excessive weight is gained, stress is placed on different parts of the body e.g. the knees, which I’m only too familiar with.

When the body transforms, a person’s vitality morphs too. Actually, you may think it’s common sense but I only thought of this literally just now as I’m typing it. No wonder my vitality has been waning nowadays from the weight gain. I often feel I need to lie down for a rest. But I also remembered how energetic I felt when I ran daily for months years ago. Truly we are earthlings, creatures of the earth where our flesh is our vessel for daily living. If you look after your body well, it can support you in your life.

Certainly, when I think of health, I think of physical health first and foremost, never mind that there’s mental and emotional health (and perhaps spiritual health too). However maybe they aren’t disparate concepts after all due to the mind-body connection. When you physically feel crap, your mind suffers. And vice-versa. And vitality is affected too. Perhaps there’s a concept of the trinity of body, health and vitality going on.

Wait. It may not be a trinity after all. Let’s add physical appearance to the foregoing. You may say that the body and physical appearance are both referring to the same thing. However, there’s a difference in the way I use them. I use the body to refer to my body while physical appearance is how I appear to others.

First impressions matter. Or as some research show, it takes only seven seconds for someone to form a solid impression of you when they first meet you. Or one tenth of a second according to some studies. Impressions come from one’s physical body, which is intertwined with one’s health, and one’s vital forces or the lack of it. To transform how others perceive you, transform your body first. This kind of makes sense. I remembered just two days ago, I answered a work call on Skype in a deadbeat, defeated voice. I was just tired. I sensed the caller was surprised as I’m usually quite upbeat on the phone. My colleague’s impression of me has changed, not transformed yet as the transformation process comprised of many little changes or few significant ones.

Look after your body. Transform it for the better if you need to.

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