p.MO squ n.SU/MO

Progressed Moon squared my natal Sun/Moon midpoint today. Looking at COSI, Ebertin says

Spirit and soul, the conscious and the unconscious, vitality and feeling, husband and wife. Probable manifestations
+ Good relationship between parents and partners, making contacts with partners and friends, joint success, having to do with public life.
– Disharmony between parents or partners, differences caused by inner tension, dissatisfaction and the ensuing difficulties.

COSI by Ebertin

I know that a square by progressed Moon to a natal planet/point usually lead to a clear manifestation of something but nothing in the COSI resonates with me until the 10th time I read it “making contacts with friends”. Well, an old friend contacted me yesterday. I’m going to talk to another old friend tomorrow. And I texted a possible new friend today and an old one yesterday. Hmmm, I looked at my natal chart. Lo and behold, my natal SU/MO midpoint is in the 11th house!

Update on 24 Jan 2021: I spoke to two old friends today, both women. It was very enjoyable. I spoke to my sister too. That’s a record as I haven’t spoken to all three of them for months. Guess what. Progressed Moon was in the 3rd house, squaring the SU/MO midpoint in 11th.

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