Solar Return Sun in 12th

I’m 6 months into my solar return year where the solar return Sun is in the 12th. I was reflecting the other day on how this SR year turned out.

At the start of the solar return year, I made a conscious decision and intention to honour my shadow (12th) this year. Chiron in Taurus is in my 12th house.

So for me, connecting with my physical body and working with it do not come naturally to me all my life. Nevertheless, I attempted to do yoga daily. I was successful in the first month or two and then I became lazy.

What was interesting is that I found a book on massage that I bought years ago and started to practise the shiatsu massage on my partner almost on a daily basis for a month or two. Then, I bought a book on thai massage. Unfortunately, that book is abandoned for now. I bought 2 ebooks on yin yoga as they were affordable and started on yin yoga. I loved it… for 2 weeks. I do it on and off nowadays. For example, I did a chakra opening sequence this evening. It was okay. I do think I need to work on my upper back more. I also started doing a self massage daily. It’s called do in, apparently with its origin in Japan.

This solar return year has been a year of learning of (shiatsu) massage, yoga, breathing techniques from mainly books. My 12th ruler is in the 3rd. Is it any surprise?

Update on 24 Jan 2021: the last time when solar return Sun was in my 12th house, I ended up in the hospital as I had a burst appendicitis. It was a very tough year as I was going nowhere at work and eventually quit. I was drifting around and trying different things but nothing was ‘happening’.

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