Mars Return 2019

I haven’t properly used Mars return before. I happened to notice it in my friend’s chart today – I placed the transit wheel outside her natal chart wheel and saw that Mars returned yesterday! That sparked a discussion with her. Lo and behold! She said that a week ago, she was thinking to herself that she should use more of hers Martian energies!

So, here I am looking at my Mars return chart:

Mars return

Some observations:

  • Take a step back and think of the symbolism of Mars. Mars represents energy, action, what we want/desire and how we go about getting it. Of course, we can go on indefinitely and explore the male archetypes, say that Mars represents the active sexual energies within us, our sense of masculinity, etc. I say, let’s keep it simple.
  • So, a Mars return can tell us where we act and where we direct our energies. In my 2019 Mars return, Mars is angular and conjuncts the MC. So, my energies and action are directed towards my career, the future path that I aspires towards, and perhaps my reputation i.e. public self as well.
  • MC is in Gemini. So my aims is to think and communication through my actions. This could mean writing a book (which has been put on the shelf on and off) and learn something new (like computing).
  • MC, ASC and 12th house are ruled by Mercury which is on the 9th house cusp. Interestingly, I started a computing degree during this period. It requires quite a lot of behind the scenes self-study. Also, I started to learn (Mecury) shiatsu massage (Tarus) which is about holistic healing (12th) and there’s a component of spirituality (12th) in it too. I also started health routines (ASC in Virgo) such as daily do-in, yoga, meditation and running at the odd times.
  • The expression of my Martian energies (ASC ruler) could be frustrated by possible “wounds” (Chiron) of my partner. Indeed, during the Covid period, he’s frustrated by the lack of action (Chiron in Aries) when it comes to work due to the shutdown.
  • Jupiter conjuncts IC. So, my actions and energies may expand my home and personal life. Well, this wouldn’t come as a surprise as due to Covid, I spend almost all time at home. Same as my partner (Jupiter rules 7th and 4th). However, home and personal life and my partner aren’t exactly smooth sailing (Jupiter in retrograde) which may be hidden and explicitly manifested (retrograde).
  • There’s a fated quality to my sexual and recreational activities (Saturn rules 5th which conjuncts South Node) which are likely to be diminished.

Update on 26 Jan 2021: energy converts into action. Action converts into movement. When movement is impeded, there’s reaction and/or response. A person could react with feelings of frustration, annoyance, anger as the ego and even ambition is denied. Those feelings can be turned into fight and demonstration of one’s will power. It’s essentially pitting oneself against another person, thing or even institutions. Alternatively, the energy could be directed into someone or something else.

When I reflect on the events of this Mars return period, I have certainly experienced frustration, annoyance and frustration at authority figures at work. Sometimes, I have even outwardly expressed it.

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