Directed Chiron Changes Sign

Today my solar directed Chiron is changing sign to Cancer. It is in Taurus in 12th originally. Today I honour the start of a new phase in my healing and mentoring journey.

Chiron in Cancer – I will heal and mentor by nurture, by nurturing my and others’ feelings and emotions. I may learn from the past including upbringings, the feminine archetype, childhood so as to understand the wounds and hurts experienced by myself and others. By putting aside my crabby shell, I may be exposed and be wounded. But it is also this way that I can heal myself and others.

Chiron is disposed by natal Moon in 9th. I reaffirm my journey in teaching and mentoring, perhaps in astrology and other knowledge that I may possess and possibly through publication of books which is my dream.

Here begins my Chironic journey today. Amen.

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