Progressed Moon in 3rd

Last week, my progressed Moon entered the natal 3rd house. So, 3rd house matters are ‘activated’ for approximately the next 2 years and 4 months:

  • Sibling. My sister is going through a lot. She’s going through a very different career track soon. She is hopefully also getting her own apartment soon.
  • My cousin. She’s starting a new career/job soon, in a new country and in her 3rd language… She was a chemical engineer and is going to try her hands at being a caregiver.
  • Writing. I started writing for my book in piano playing again. It is a book that I have stopped, rewrote and left on the shelf numerous times.
  • Learning. I know some of you would classify university studies under the 9th house. However, I associate the 9th house for certifications e.g. passing the final exams rather than the modules taken during an university course. I’m onto the second semester of a computer science graduate diploma. There’s definitely plenty of learning to be done.
  • Teaching. I am toying with the idea of conducting group classes on Zoom in astrology and piano to the community I live in. This might be a way for me to actualise my ideal life which includes teaching on a daily basis.
  • I do wonder about commuting. I have been working from home since last March.

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