Transiting Sun Conjunct Descendant

My natal Sun is in the 2nd and rules the 3rd. When transiting Sun conjunct my natal Descendent, a client (7th) transferred money to me (2nd) via Paypal and emailed me (3rd) about it. I also received email notifications (3rd) from Paypal about the transfer (2nd). My partner also received an order from his business although money hasn’t been transferred yet.

However I do wonder whether transiting Sun triggered any transits, progression, etc. Let’s see –

  • transiting Saturn sextile DES/trine ASC – I remembered lying on the couch and thinking to myself that I’m fortunate to be in a relationship with my partner. I also took an honest assessment of my life to-date. I wasn’t on track on where I think I’m heading, wherever that may be.
  • transiting Uranus quincunx DES – I can’t think of anything obvious relating to this transit.
  • transiting Pluto quincunx ASC – I wondered whether yesterday was part of the transformation in my life? Well I know the day before the Sun transit (opposition to ASC), I had a very intense day at work. I was drained when Friday ended and hence I was on the couch almost the whole day on Saturday (the Sun transit took place at 4am on Saturday).

There was nothing earth shattering that took place, which was probably explained by the sextile and minor aspects.

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