Solar Returns & Lunar Returns

I’m on day 3 exploring using lunar returns as a timing tool for solar returns. Right now, I’m focussing on whether there’s any merit in identifying lunar returns with a planet in the same house as a solar return.

In a previous post, the Uranus in 10th in a lunar return indicated the month when I did think of changing my career to computing/IT and I thereafter enrolled in university for computer science within the solar year.

Let’s look at Pluto, Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter.

Pluto is in the 6th in the solar return. Power struggle at work – yes possibly although the corporate world is political, isn’t it. Nothing new. However, I did have a new staff reporting to me during this time. Work has been tough. However, there’s no lunar return with Pluto in the 6th. I don’t particularly feel the energy of Pluto in 6th.

Neptune is in the 9th in the solar return. Refinement and spirituality when it comes to knowledge. I might have done more astrology this solar year, more reflection. I started learning about Shiatsu, acupressure but I would associate them with the 3rd house instead. Again, I don’t particularly feel the energy of Neptune in 9th.

Saturn is in the 6th in the solar return. Well, work has been tough as I mentioned above. There’s restructuring of some sort e.g. a new staff formally reporting to me and I actually started to work with 3-4 more staff who report to me but I’m not their reporting manager if you know what I mean. Most interestingly, Saturn was in the 6th house from 14 Jan to 10 Feb’s lunar return which is always the busiest time of the year for me. Saturn rules the 6th, 7th and 8th in the solar return. Looks like it’s open enemies, my staff and tough events or big money (8th) that’s going to have an impact on my work life, routines and health practices.

Jupiter is in the 6th in the solar return. There’s opportunities / blessings from employees. In a way, yes as I have capable staff reporting into me. There’s expansion when it comes to work. Come to think of it, I have certainly expanded my job responsibilities this solar year. When I think back of what I have done this year versus the past two years, it’s a very different situation. Interestingly, Jupiter was also in the 6th house in 14 Jan to 10 Feb’s lunar return with Saturn. As mentioned, this time is the busiest as I’m involved in year-end reporting. Also, in the solar return, Jupiter rules the 9th house. Perhaps because of my increased knowledge, my responsibilities at work have expanded.

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