A Terrible Itch on my Right Foot

I have been having a terrible itch on the top of my right foot, the area near and below the fourth and little toes. The itch has been there for months, maybe years? On and off, the itch would subside and then recur. It has been itchy for the past few months for sure.

I do wonder why the itch happens only on the right foot and not the left foot as well. I was sitting up on the bed this morning and flipping aimlessly through a yin yoga book. I came across the body meridians. Out of curiosity, I tried to locate the meridian that runs through the itchy area on my right foot. Turns out it’s the gall bladder meridian. I consulted my shiatsu book on that meridian. “Psychological imbalances: indecision; lack of creativity; overwork, attention to detail; frustration, impatience, constant irritation.”

Never the fact that attention to detail is considered by the author to be a ‘psychological imbalance’ but a virtue in the world of accounting. Being overworked certainly resonates with me. I have been working too hard at work for the past few months. And yes, I get annoyed/frustrated (mostly) at work too. I haven’t been doing much creative stuff as I used to. My piano and fiddle were left gathering dust nowadays. So, maybe it’s my gall bladder meridian that’s imbalanced?

I traced the meridian from the fourth toe up to the thigh, side of the body, up the shoulder, neck and then I saw all these swiggers around the side of the head. Ah ha! Was that why I experienced sensations on my head on and off for the past 2 months? (I consulted my GP and he didn’t have an explanation for it but said that it’s nothing worrying).

I think the itch suggests that my gall bladder meridian is overactive. As it’s a yang meridian (which goes from top to bottom), I massaged the meridian line from bottom to top in a counter-clockwise direction and vigourously to dissipate the excessive energy.

As I’m typing this post, strangely enough, the itch has gone. For now anyway.

Wow. My mind is blown.

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