Oppositions in Synastry

Opposites attract. Or do they really?

Oppositions in a natal chart symbolises some kind of polarity to be balanced with. They create tension (not as much as squares I think) but they could lead to awareness and consciousness. Oppositions can symbolise partnership and relationships, similar to the 1st opposite 7th house relationship.

So, it’s no surprise that there are certain oppositions in interchart pairings which are considered ‘favourable’. In general, oppositions between the Sun, Moon, Venus and Jupiter would be ‘fine’. Let’s look at the Moon opposition Sun in some detail:

Moon opposition Sun

This is an indication of attraction. The yin and the yang meets. The Sun takes the lead while the Moon follows. In cultures where the man in the family plays the dominant role, it’s best that the Sun belongs to the man. Otherwise, the woman (with the Sun and the man with the Moon) becomes the creative, dominant and masculine force in the relationship. This can be tough for macho men with strong egos.

Moon opposition Sun is supposedly one of the ‘best’ oppositions in synastry although it’s commonly said to be applicable for opposite sex relationships. I suppose we are back to our yin yang concept where one partner is the more ‘active’ one while the other is the yielding one. What about LGBT relationships? Say we have two men. Does Sun opposition Sun augurs well for them? I think I need more empirical data to prove this out although relationships are so complex that we can’t attribute the mishaps in a relationship to just one interchart aspect alone.

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