Seeing Others In Yourself

In natal astrology, when a person has an opposition between two planets, one tends to express one of the planets more easily than the other planet. The energies of the other planet tends to be projected onto other people or events. For example, Rob has Sun opposition Pluto in his chart. Until he has learnt to integrate the Plutonian energies within him, he might meet controlling, manipulative people in his life, especially powerful authority figures for example. Encounters with such people or events involving such people might have the purpose of getting Rob to be aware and conscious of power and control so that he can uncover it within himself.

When I think of the oppositions in my own natal chart, the not so obvious one is the Moon opposition Venus. I say not so obvious as I can’t seem to identify which planet I (used to) leaned towards. I say growing up, the Venusian energy (in Leo in 3rd) is the more dominant one. I love to read and bought tons of books (I still do so nowadays!). I try to be nice to others. I think when I reached about 26 years ago, I started to travel a lot (Moon in 9th). When I was 32 years old, increasingly I started to trust my intuition and start studies in astrology (Moon in Aquarius in 9th). I really really want to publish books (9th) and make money from them (Moon in 9th rules 2nd). But I don’t the discipline to sit down and finish them. Since last year, I started a post graduate diploma in computing (Aquarius, 9th). On top of all the astrological stuff, accounting work, music teaching, learning shiatsu massage in the background!

So, long story short, I do think I have reached over to the other side of the opposition i.e. my Moon from my mid-twenties onward. I’m surprised that it took me so long.

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