Transiting Venus in 1st House

I remembered reading an astrology book by a Canadian astrologer. She said that love knocks when transiting Venus is in the 1st house (or was it in the solar first house?). Unfortunately, I don’t have enough evidence to validate the concept. I am however very skeptical that love knocks when Venus transits in the first house. Venus can represent so many things – currency, enjoyment, recreational, women, especially young ones, pleasurable things, art, etc. Venus also rules different houses in different charts. Granted if Venus rules the 7th house of relationships in a chart, Venus transiting in the 1st could symbolise a partner in one’s life. Or if Venus rules the 5th house of romance and sex, Venus transiting in the 1st could symbolise a romance or a sexual encounter. Especially if transiting Venus conjuncts the ASC, I would imagine.

So, if anyone of you or your clients started a long-term relationship when Venus transited in the 1st AND Venus does NOT rule the 7th and 5th house, I will be delighted to hear from you.

P.S.: I think the Canadian author used Venus as a secondary indicator to symbolise love and relationship. That works great in Sun sign astrology. But I have hesitations over using it as a reliable forecasting technique.

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